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_If it were going to happen, it would have to start in Information Redacted.

More specifically, in the Information Redacted.

First sightings were thought to be a new form of rabies, or possibly mass hysteria. But as the hospitals began receiving more and more of them.

You could call them zombies, and you’d be about right. We more accurately call them Information Redacted, the Information Redacted.

The world is crashing down, and all I can do is watch and wait. We’re trying to keep it contained, but it’s breaking out faster than we can stop it.

So many questions? What caused it? Information Redacted? Why Information Redacted?

Some of us have answers, but we are few and far between.

If you are reading this, you are either lucky or very unlucky. One who is allowed to track the progress of one particular group of survivors. Some may live, most will die. Either way Information Redacted._

Welcome to “The Rising Cost of Health Care”, A Zombie Survival game running the Dead Reign System from Palladium Books.

This game is set in Central Louisiana and wherever the survivors want to end up. Each PC is required to roll up only a Survivor OCC, and do their best to survive in this hostile environment. Will they survive? Probably not. The GM is known for the dark themes of his games, and has little problem making the lives of the PCs a living nightmare.

Things will be updated as GM feels the need to update them, or if his players decide to do some editing of their own.

Home Page

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